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Wonde MyLogin is an evolution of Wonde Single Sign-On (SSO).

It provides students and teachers with an innovative and secure way to log into their classroom apps both at school and at home. The best part? You won’t need to remember complicated usernames and passwords! Simply search for your school on the Wonde portal and log in using the magic badge.

We know adopting education technology in schools can be an overwhelming task which is why it is Wonde’s guiding principle to reduce the friction of adoption. We do this by providing products and solutions that have the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing school technology enabling quick adoption and instant efficiencies.


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Product Description

Log into your device using one of the flexible login methods and enjoy quick and easy access.

Instant access to your tools and resources

Engaging login methods

Seamless connection with Google and Microsoft devices

Streamlined login saves valuable lesson time for students and teachers

Enhances engagement with fun login methods

Secure login methods for added protection of data

Smooth learning experience whether at school or home

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Whats Included

Maximise lesson time with super-fast single sign-on for apps and skip the hassle of student logins,

Log in once for instant access to all your favourite apps! 
Make logging in quick and easy with child-friendly sign-in options

Sign into MyLogin and enjoy password-free access to your learning apps

Technical Specification

How to get MyLogin Device
for your school

MyLogin is available to order through us at Tablet Academy. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to reach out to