Cyber Security Workshop

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A workshop aimed to progress the understanding of encryption/decryption with code breaking challenges. 

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What is it about?

A themed workshop where pupils are introduced to the world of Cyber Security, including the reality of the threats we face on a daily basis.

Working in groups, pupils work against the clock to stop a simulated cyber-attack. Successful groups will need to work as a team to decipher hidden messages, analyse evidence and decrypt files.


Skills used include problem solving, creative thinking, team work, ICT skills, computational thinking and research skills.

Usual Format

This workshop is usually aimed at 30 students for a half day event. The students will be given a selection of items at the start of the workshop and have tips and hints along the way to ensure they would end on time. The length of the workshop would usually last 2-hours with upper KS5/KS3.