Class VR School Bundle – Trolley

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Includes :

30 Headsets Premium/Standard
1 x Class VR Storage + Transport Trolley with UV Sterilisation
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1/2 day Training

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ClassVR Premium headset comes complete with a wired hand controller to support ClassVR’s exciting new content release; explorable scenes.

Being powered solely by the ClassVR headset during use, it’s lightweight and features three buttons, plus a central joystick controller.

When immersing students into a virtual learning environment with ClassVR headsets, the optional Controller empowers students to intuitively explore their virtual environment with a new found fluidity and complete control.

Included content

  • Class VR library (See attached screen capture) Professionally produced and moderated, high quality  static and video content across a range of curriculum subjects
  • Community Library (See attached screen capture)  Community produced and moderated, variable quality static and video content covering anything and everything
  • Co-Spaces Library  , A mixture of professionally and community produced, Interactive, static, video and 3D environments that students can move around within.
  • Thinglink Library , A mixture of professionally and community produced, static and video content with interactive “hotspots” that can be set up to link you to additional resources, present additional content relevant to the hotspot or to play additional mini-content etc.
  • Your institutions Libraries , An area where you can upload and manage both your personal content and content from across your institution

ClassVR Premium Headset: Technical Specifications

Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 Processor

Combination Fresnal / Aspherical Lens 100 Degree FOV

3-Way adjustable head mounting with dual rear straps

5.5” 2560 x 1440 Fast High Resolution Display

Up to four hours battery life

USB-C Charging / Input for Hand Controller

4,000 mAh Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery

13MP Auto-Focus Front-Facing Camera

3GB DDR RAM & 32GB Internal Storage

Integrated dual-speakers